How Best to Serve & Support Your Clients in the Time of COVID-19

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Special MQ Webinar

In addition to the many roles that Dr. Marty Martin plays in both the academic and financial planning communities, he also works with the Red Cross, going to the front lines of catastrophes world-wide, to provide mental health support to First Responders.

Drawing on his vast experience and training in both psychology and financial planning, Marty will explain what your clients need most during this time of unprecedented uncertainty brought on by simultaneous health and financial crises.

As an added bonus, Marty is a long-time Money Quotient Partner with lots of experience using the MQ Tools in a variety of settings. He will explain how best to use these resources to understand your clients’ most pressing needs as well as help them to increase their resiliency during these challenging times.

About Dr. Martin

Dr. Marty Martin is a licensed clinical psychologist who also earned an MSc in behavioral sleep medicine from the University of Glasgow. His work in behavioral sleep medicine is integrated with his work in organizational consulting, which began when he served as a Visiting Fellow at the National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health.

Marty currently serves as Professor in the Driehaus College of Business at DePaul, where he launched a wide array of degree and other educational programs, attracting students from organizations such as Northern Trust. He has authored over 100 refereed articles, and his scholarly work has been featured in USA Today, The Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal.

After earning his MS in Personal Financial Planning, Marty began to practice as a financial psychologist focusing on direct client services and consulting with financial planning firms. He co-developed a collaborative financial planning model with Cicily Maton, CFP®, which was featured in The Journal of Financial Planning. Marty is also the author of The Inner World of Money: Taking Control of Your Financial Decisions, published by Praeger Press. He began the Chartered SRI Counselor in January, which complements his academic research and board trustee work in impact investing.