MQ Community Discussion: What Is It All For?

MQ Community Discussion: What is it All For? 

Throughout the last 18-months, advisors and their clients have had their status quo shaken. Many are asking themselves: now what? Do we return to living life the way we were before the pandemic? Or, do we take this rare opportunity to examine what is serving us and let go of what isn’t? Clients are reevaluating their aspirations, the ultimate purpose of their nest egg, and asking, “What is it all for?”

In this MQ Community Discussion, we want to hear from you. How are you navigating these conversations with your clients? How are you helping them explore a new way of thinking, being, living? If you haven’t addressed these questions with your clients yet, what are some of your thoughts and ideas for how to approach it? We’ll also share ideas to help you and your clients create their vision of not just a new normal but a better, more fulfilling life. 

What is an MQ Community Discussion?

We learn better together. Our community of MQ Partners has a diverse wealth of knowledge, and we’ve heard from many of you that discussing experiences, ideas, and best practices with other advisors is valuable. We’ve enjoyed some of this during our Open Forums, where attendees have shared:
“As an advisor that is new to Money Quotient, I can learn from other advisors who have more practice using the tools than I have.” – Michael Mustian CFP®, CKA®, WiseWay Advisors LLC
“The interactive nature of the webinars has proven to be a wonderful change. The MQ community is a wonderful asset and I love the chance to interact with it more frequently!” – Josh Ackerman CFP®, Context Financial

To expand these opportunities, we organize MQ Community Discussions. These meetings will focus on a timely topic or issue coming up in many of your client meetings. It might be how clients are handling the stress of a global pandemic, or how social justice movements have them reassessing their investment portfolio and its reflection of their values; or, the anxiety they may feel due to political unrest. (In 2020, it might have been all three!)

If you’ve attended our Gathering, the format of the World Cafe will be familiar to you. We’ll set the stage with a few comments at the open, then move into breakouts to cover one question at a time, rotating between breakouts. After we’ve discussed 2 or 3 questions, we’ll come back together as a large group and share our harvest. We’ll also give our input on what MQ tools may help facilitate your clients’ conversation around a particular topic.


This webinar is open to EVERYONE!

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