A Dialogical Approach to Building Relationships

This webinar is open to EVERYONE!

  • $25.00 to MQ Partners
  • $50.00 fee for everyone else
Money Quotient believes that facilitating a values-based, life-centered approach requires planners to display both financial knowledge and emotional awareness. Balancing both of these elements is critical to building relationships with clients, though interpersonal dynamics such as feelings of discomfort can sometimes disrupt a planner’s ability to provide these professional services. This is especially true when working with those whose diverse life experiences are different than our own. Navigating these differences requires building trust and fostering empathy through dialogue – a collaborative, open-ended process. A dialogical framework equips individuals with the ability to appreciate multiple points of view and make room for new ways of thinking through active and careful listening. It also enables individuals to engage in difficult conversations while creating a climate for curiosity, inquiry, and learning. Additionally, the assumptions, or unconscious biases, we hold can impede our ability to engage in dialogue; therefore, learning how to investigate the origins of our values and perspectives is crucial to building relationships.
This webinar is designed as an introduction to a dialogical framework and is geared towards participants seeking to build foundational skills around the following four learning outcomes: 1) a deeper understanding of one’s social identities, 2) an emerging understanding of a dialogical framework, 3) a practical knowing of how to ask dialogical questions, and 4) a deeper awareness of how unconscious biases impact relationship-building. Andrew will model dialogical questioning and share his own journey of building relationships across social and cultural differences before inviting questions from participants.

Learning Outcomes

  • A deeper understanding of one’s social identities
  • An emerging understanding of a dialogical framework
  • A practical knowing of how to ask dialogical questions
  • A deeper awareness of how unconscious biases impact relationship-building

About Andrew

Andrew Greenia is an educator, organizer, and facilitator striving to create more equitable systems by developing individuals and organizations through training, instruction, and coaching.

A community organizer by training, Andrew has devoted his work to building the capacity of leaders to create social and political change. Growing up in and around Detroit, MI, he witnessed firsthand the impact of education structures that uphold systemic oppression and believes that all children, especially those who have been historically marginalized, deserve a quality education. Andrew is grateful to learn from and engage with others in facilitating courageous conversations around race and equity and now serves as a consultant on topics of diversity, equity, and inclusion in partnership with public, private, and non-profit groups.

Andrew graduated magna cum laude from Loyola University Chicago with a degree in Sociology and received an Ed.M. in Human Development and Psychology from the Harvard Graduate School of Education where he was an Equity & Inclusion Fellow. In addition to his professional work, Andrew can be found honing his barbering craft, listening to hip hop, biking around the city, or cooking a vegan meal.