An Introduction to the “No Rules Retirement” workbook

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About the Webinar

The whole concept of retirement is undergoing a metamorphosis.  Demographic, societal, and workplace trends have all converged to offer a period at midlife and beyond that is much more fluid and flexible than what most of us ever imagined.  

When planning for retirement, most individuals are discovering that the “old rules” have been thrown out and “no rules” apply.  This stage of life is no longer equated with not working, leisure, and old age.  In fact, “retirement” has become a matter of personal definition.

For this reason, the “No Rules Retirement” model advocates proactive planning throughout adulthood and in all areas of life.  In addition, retirement should not be viewed as a single event, but rather as one of the many transitions in a continuum of life experiences.  That is because the habits, attitudes, skills, values, interests, and relationships that have been honed and developed along life’s journey will continue to serve your clients well into later life.

Attend this webinar to learn about Money Quotient’s newly revised No Rules Retirement workbook that is designed to assist your clients in planning their lives and exploring their potential at midlife and beyond.  It combines a compelling and timely message with empowering self-assessment, visualization, and goal setting exercises.  In addition, this workbook can be used as a self-study guide, a framework for client meetings, or as the centerpiece of an educational workshop.

About the Presenter

Carol Anderson is the founder and President of Money Quotient.  She has an M.S. in Consumer Economics & Family Resource Management and a diverse background in business, education, and financial services.  Since 1989, Carol has focused on the issues of financial planning education, retirement preparation, life planning, and productive aging.  As a researcher, writer, and consultant, Carol has worked with a broad range of companies and non-profit organizations in designing studies, conducting analyses, and compiling research reports.

In addition, Carol has written articles, developed publications, and designed educational tools, materials, and training workshops. She is a member of the Financial Planning Association, Purposeful Planning Institute, and Financial Therapy Association.  When not working, Carol enjoys spending time with her family and pets, gardening, and hiking.