First Step In Action

This webinar is open to:  EVERYONE!

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  • Free for MQ Partners

About the Webinar

The “First Step in Action” webinar series provides the opportunity to hear how other financial planners are utilizing the First Step Cash Management System™. As our guest speaker, Johnny Roland, CFP™, EA, will share what led him to First Step, how he implemented it into his process, and challenges he has faced over his years of using the cash management system. In particular, he will share his experience using First Step with people approaching retirement or in the early stages of retirement.  He will also explain how he has used First Step in conjunction with MoneyGuide Pro. Please join us and have your First Step questions ready!

About First Step Cash Management System™

The First Step Cash Management System™ is an operating system for making decisions about life and money. It is a simple and effective way to manage expenditures, reduce debt, increase savings, and fund important life goals. With First Step, income flows into three “buckets”, with each bucket having a specific use or purpose.

About Johnny

For Johnny Roland, financial planning is a calling born out of his own experiences with the financial advice industry. After a house fire in the early 1990s, an annuity salesman nearly persuaded Johnny and his wife to put the bulk of their insurance proceeds into deferred annuities. Johnny ended up going with his gut instinct to say “no,” which saved the couple financially. But the fire and his subsequent experiences in the industry convinced him that almost everyone was just trying to sell products. In his search to find out why, he discovered that there was an alternative—the fiduciary responsibilities of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals.  So, when the opportunity came up to take an early retirement, he left his job, went back to school, and earned his CFP® designation—a decision he has never regretted. As a CFP® professional, Johnny has the pleasure of working with clients who trust his advice, knowing he has nothing to sell besides his desire and expertise to help them achieve their dreams.

Before joining Aspire Planning Associates in 2011, Johnny had enjoyed management roles at both Bank of America and American Express International and as a financial services industry consultant with Cisco Systems. Today, he enjoys the hands-on work of helping clients financially achieve their goals and dreams. He particularly enjoys working with clients who are getting ready to retire or are enjoying career success but need help with the financial complexity that comes with success. He appreciates that although these clients could do their finances on their own, they place a premium on their time and prefer to turn the details over to Johnny to keep their financial lives organized. As an Enrolled Agent, Johnny is responsible for preparing tax returns for the firm’s clients. And as Vice President of Operations, he oversees operations procedures and support infrastructure, making sure everything runs as efficiently as possible on clients’ behalf.

Johnny and his wife live in Pleasanton, where he is committed to serving the community. He regularly volunteers as a tax counselor as well as a counselor for Medicare and long-term care. He also takes classes in yoga and Spanish with his wife, a shared experience that he believes has contributed to the happiness and stability of his marriage.