Issue-driven Implementation and Situational Framing

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At Money Quotient, we understand that financial life planning does not end after the initial discovery process with a new client.  Life’s twists and turns, opportunities and obstacles, and ever evolving relationships can cause your clients to face tough decisions, change course, or long for something new and different.  In addition, clients can run into situations where they feel stuck or something gets in the way of fully engaging in the planning process or implementing their plan.  During these times, many clients benefit from having a “thinking partner” to guide them to clarity and to help them to make mindful decisions.

In this session, MQ Vice President, Amy Mullen, CFP®, will discuss how to recognize opportunities when the use of MQ tools would be helpful to your client.  She will recommend specific tools or sequences of tools given particular issues or transitions.  Because many of the MQ tools can be used for different purposes, Amy will provide examples of how to frame the introduction of an MQ tool so that it aligns with the issue, transition, or stage of life the client is experiencing.