March “MQ Partner Open Forum” webinar – The Envision Stage

This webinar is open to EVERYONE!

  • FREE to MQ Partners
  • $25.00 fee for everyone else

About the Webinar

For the Envision stage (part 3 of our 5-part series on the True Wealth Process™), MQ Veteran Partner Mindy Davis, CFP®, CRPC®, shares how she helps her clients envision their ideal future.  In addition, Amy Mullen, CFP®, VP of MQ, shares the MQ Tips & Strategies for conducting an effective & efficient Envision Stage with your clients

Are you curious about how other advisors are using the MQ materials? Ever wish you could ask another Partner about their fee structure? Want to bounce an idea off your like-minded colleagues?

Our “MQ Partner Open Forum” webinar series allows you to do all of this and more! These sessions offer an opportunity to tap into the depth of wisdom and breadth of experience within our MQ Community. In addition, members of the MQ Team are on hand to provide feedback and offer guidance.

Each webinar begins with a brief presentation featuring a helpful tip, strategy, or resource, as well as thoughts on the topic from a fellow Partner. The remainder of the session is open for discussion on any topic, and is shaped by your interests, questions, and experiences.

About our Guest Veteran

Mindy shares her story in her own words:

“I became a financial advisor in 2005 after having a bad experience with an advisor. When my husband and I were in our 20’s, we hired an advisor from a reputable firm to create a financial plan, identify where to save more, and determine how much insurance we needed. We knew we would soon start a family. This advisor could not do the more complex scenario planning that I requested, but I was working a lot of hours in corporate finance and decided that what he had done was good enough to get us started. We began investing monthly in multiple accounts, trying to save as much as possible. It was 5 years later when I finally read the fine print of our investments and realized all of this time we had been investing in B-share mutual funds. These are funds that have higher fees than other funds and long-term surrender fees. An advisor needs to get paid, but I felt swindled that it was never explained that we would be locked up for 7 years, or have to pay surrender fees to get out of these funds. The other issue was this advisor didn’t really provide any ongoing service, so what were we paying for? It was a learning experience for me. I was embarrassed that with an undergraduate and Masters degree in finance, I had never been taught about investment fees and didn’t even think to ask. We had paid a separate fee for the planning, and the recommendations came out of the plan, so I never considered it.”

“After staying home with my daughters for a few years, I re-entered the workforce as a financial advisor. It was the best decision, other than marrying my husband, I have ever made. I started at Morgan Stanley, but it was like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. I later learned that fee-only wealth management firms existed, where I could act as a true fiduciary for my clients.”

“I am passionate about transparency, providing education and clarity, and building deep relationships with my clients. I have also always wanted to own my own firm. At Davis Wealth Advisors, I have fulfilled my own dream and can continue to bring my passion and energy to the families I work with for a long time to come.”