Overcoming Obstacles: Creating a Clear Path to Successfully Implementing Your MQ 5-E Client Process

This webinar is for MQ Partners only.

Whether you are new to MQ and just starting to develop your client experience, or you’re a veteran looking to fine tune your client meeting process, you will likely run into some obstacles along the way.  These obstacles can range from logistical issues to emotional issues.  Examples of logistical challenges can include changing staff roles and responsibilities, improving time management habits, and revising your fee structure.  On the other hand, defining and overcoming the emotional issues that can can slow your progress will likely be an even more challenging exercise.  For example, you may discover that you need to expand your comfort zone in order to engage your clients in the type of meaningful conversations that you desire and know will benefit your clients.  In addition, you may be faced with “converting” an unenthusiastic team member or a reluctant and fearful client.  

During this educational webinar, Amy Mullen, CFP®, VP of Money Quotient, will share her observations of how those who have been most successful in our MQ Community have overcome obstacles and taken proactive steps in creating a client process that is not only efficient and effective, but also transformative in the lives for those they server.  Amy will also provide specific strategies from the book “Switch: How to Change When Change is Hard” to create clear direction, overcome fears, and set your sights on your ultimate goal.