MQ Retreat – November 7 & 8

About MQ Retreat

The Power of Questions:  Unlocking the Possibilities for Personal and Professional Growth

A world of questions is a world of possibility.
Questions open our minds, connect us to
each other, and shake outmoded paradigms.

       —Marilee Adams

In Change Your Questions, Change Your Life, author Marilee Adams describes her vision of how individuals, families, institutions, and communities can be transformed by the “spirit of inquiry”:

Our orientation would shift from one of answers and opinions to one of questions and curiosity.We would see quick judgments, fixed perspectives, and old opinions give way to exploration, discovery, innovation, and cooperation.

Adams further explains: “What makes this kind of change so practical is that it begins with each one of us, right here, right now. We have only to ask the right questions to begin.”

At Money Quotient, we believe in the power of questions.  Questions are not only at the heart of our 5-E Model of Financial Life Planning, but also the key to unlocking the potential in our personal and professional lives.

Therefore, we are excited to dedicate our 2018 MQ Retreat program—November 7-8, 2018—to exploring the many facets of asking and responding to important questions about life and money.

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MQ Retreat Cancellation Policy

  • If you cancel ON OR BEFORE OCTOBER 5, 2018, you will receive a FULL REFUND, minus a $100.00 processing fee.
  • If you cancel BETWEEN OCTOBER 6, 2018–October 24, 2018 you will receive a 50% REFUND, minus a $100.00 processing fee.
  • NO REFUND will be provided for cancellation after OCTOBER 24, 2018.
  • NO REFUND will be provided to individuals who are registered but do not attend the Retreat (i.e., “No Shows”).

A Few of our Featured Speakers

Tracy Beckes, MBA 

Invent the Future: Understanding & Embracing Qualities of “True” Leadership  

Leaders who are committed to thriving engage with work and with life by harnessing the benefits of investigating their learning edge.  They regularly deploy practices to illuminate their blind spots and disrupt their reactivity.  Those who follow this path awaken intentional change within.  They attend to the inner conditions that contribute to success by shaping a culture of learning, curiosity, and collaborative accountability.

Tracy Beckes, MBA, offers a pioneering approach to developing your unique leadership style that will transform your business and your life. Regardless of your firm’s size, this material will inspire you to reconnect with your original passion for serving clients, streamline and simplify how you make decisions and maximize your productivity.

Brian Farr, LPC

How To Ask A More Beautiful Question

Would you like to have more meaningful conversations with your clients? This presentation will explore the simple art of asking those questions that can reveal deeper truths, valuable insights, and unexpected wisdom. Good questions can open up important pathways. Brian will share stories and lessons from his clinical experience as a financial therapist, and draw on teachings from A More Beautiful Question, the inspiring book by Warren Berger.

Brian Farr is a Financial Therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor in Portland, Oregon. Since 2002 he has brought counseling skills into complex conversations about money. Brian uses a variety of therapeutic and financial techniques to guide individuals and couples in identifying the patterns behind their actions, and then create successful strategies for moving forward. Prior to becoming a professional counselor, Brian was a founding partner of an investment management firm, an owner/manager of a personnel agency, and a commodity broker at the Chicago Board of Trade.

Derek Lawson, CFP®

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Mastering Purposeful Inquiry and Effective Client Engagement within the Financial Planning Process

The fields of behavioral finance, financial psychology, and financial therapy have emerged to help bridge the gap between the nuts-and-bolts of financial planning and our understanding of why clients make the decisions they make concerning money.  The purpose of this session is offer a framework for integrating insights, theories, and tools from these fields into the six-step financial planning process.  This approach enables planners to be more effective in combatting client stress and anxiety, helping clients change destructive financial behaviors, overcoming client resistance to change, and keeping clients engaged in an ongoing financial planning process.

Derek is a doctoral candidate in Personal Financial Planning at Kansas State University studying financial therapy, physiological stress, relationship satisfaction, and consumption decisions of young adults.  He will be joining the Personal Financial Planning Department at Texas Tech University this Fall as an Instructor while he completes his dissertation work.  In addition, Derek and co-author Brad Klontz, Psy.D., CFP® were recently named as recipients of the 2018 Montgomery-Warschauer Award for their Journal of Financial Planning article, “Integrating Behavioral Finance, Financial Psychology, and Financial Therapy into the 6-Step Financial Planning Process.”

Russell Kroeger, CFP®

Your Process, Their Journey

It’s easy to take for granted that our clients have a strong sense of  the overarching themes they want to experience during their lives. “Typical financial planning clients” have often experienced transitions that crystallize their trajectory and they rely on our financial planning process to help gain clarity on the specifics, anchoring their decisions to what is most important  to them and fulfilling their commitments.

But what does our process look like for clients who have more open-ended themes?  How can we help clients understand the trade-offs implicit in life decisions when the future is mostly ambiguous?  Your Process, Their Journey leverages MQ philosophies to master the art of powerful questions in co-creating your client’s future.  This presentation is an open-ended discussion on developing client relationships that would benefit from on-going iterations between anchoring and orienting as clients explore a life of subjective well-being.

Russell founded Paradigm Wealth in April 2017. He speaks at conferences, is a member of Money Quotient’s Research and Education Task Force, and is currently pursuing an M.S. in Advanced Financial Planning at Golden Gate University. Giving back to the financial planning community is also very important to him. Russell served the Financial Planning Association (FPA) as the 2016 Director of San Francisco’s NexGen community (a subset of FPA members 36 and under) and currently serves as the Director of Advocacy for the San Francisco chapter, a Representative of the FPA of California State Council, and the NexGen Representative for the OneFPA Advisory Group.

Watch for more updates on our speakers lineup!

About The Venue

Explore all Portland has to offer from one of the city’s most treasured historic landmarks. Founded in 1913, The Benson features elegant European design with a host of modern amenities. The Benson has hosted U.S. Presidents and CEOs for years.

Conveniently located in downtown Portland, The Benson is within walking distance of the shopping, dining, and entertainment of the Pearl District, Pioneer Square, and downtown. Famous boutiques, bookstores, breweries, and performing arts are just steps away. Click HERE to learn more about this venue!

Please note that reservations need to be made by calling in to the Benson Hotel to ensure that you get the nights you want at the MQ discounted rate. Call 888-523-6766 or 503-228-2000 to book your rooms!