Using More Beautiful Questions to Unlock Breakthrough Changes for Your Clients and Yourself

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A Money Quotient University Course


Would you like to experience meaningful conversations with your clients on a more consistent basis?  Would you like to support and facilitate positive change in their lives?

Do you desire more clarity regarding your own purpose and potential?  Do you have difficulty defining a clear path to achieving your personal and professional goals?

In this course, we will explore the simple art of asking beautiful questions that can reveal deeper truths and unexpected wisdom.  We’ll discover that good questions open up pathways to valuable insights, fuller comprehension, and positive change.  In addition, we will take a deep dive into understanding and practicing the art of effective inquiry.

Learning Objectives

Participants who complete the course requirements will:

    1. Understand the various types of questions that are the most useful for strengthening relationships and conducting productive conversations with financial planning clients.
    1. Recognize strategic moments for skillfully employing open-ended, targeted, or other types of questions while working with clients in a financial planning engagement.
    1. Learn how to guide clients towards completion of financial planning objectives by exploring underlying concerns, understanding sources of resistance, clarifying personal values, and identifying meaningful life goals.
    1. Employ self-reflection and questioning techniques to nurture self-awareness and guide personal and professional growth.

Course Requirements

The required textbook for this course is A More Beautiful Question: The Power of Inquiry to Spark Breakthrough Ideas by Warren Berger.  

Each session of this four-session, eight-week course will include a recorded lecture, online interaction with the instructor and students, and completion of an online learning assessment.

This course is self-paced, however all requirements for each session must completed within the 2-week timeframe.

Session #1: March 11 – March 24 

Understanding the Power of Inquiry and Why We Stop Questioning

Session #2: March 25 – April 7

Utilizing the WHY, WHAT IF and HOW of Innovative Questioning

Session #3: April 8 – April 21

Developing and Deploying More Effective Questions in Business

Session #4: April 22 – May 5

Bringing More Beautiful Questions Into Life Everyday

Note: Please disregard the “times” listed under “Date & Time” (on the right). You may complete the work at your convenience between the session/course dates indicated.

CFP® CE Credit

This course is expected to qualify for 10 CFP® CE hours pending acceptance by the CFP® Board.  Requirements to receive the CFP® CE include the following:

    1. Listen to all four 20-25 minute recorded lectures
    1. Complete assigned reading from A More Beautiful Question
    1. Interact with instructor and fellow students via online discussion forum in response to posted topics and questions
    1. Complete online learning assessments (acceptable passing score is 70%)


This MQU course is available to everyone.

Please note that the fee does not include a copy of the reading material. You are responsible for acquiring your own copy of the text, Warren Berger’s A More Beautiful Question: The Power of Inquiry to Spark Breakthrough Ideas.

  • MQ Partners: $250.00
  • Others: $325.00


Brian Farr, MA, LPC is a Financial Therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor in Portland, Oregon.  Since 2002 he has brought counseling skills into complex conversations about money.  Brian uses a variety of therapeutic and financial techniques to guide individuals and couples in identifying the patterns behind their actions, and creating successful strategies for moving forward.  Prior to becoming a professional counselor, Brian was a founding partner of an investment management firm, an owner/manager of a personnel agency, and a member and broker at the Chicago Board of Trade.