Are You Ready for the 2022 MQ Retreat?

Excitement is building as we draw nearer to the 2022 MQ Retreat, to be held in-person in Portland, OR from October 25-27. We hope you share our enthusiasm after watching these two short videos!

Thom Allison, CFP® explains both the personal and professional benefits of attending this year’s MQ Retreat, and how your own participation is key to improving your own practice.

Meghaan Lurtz, Ph.D. looks forward to joining us as both a presenter and an attendee, and provides a sneak preview of her presentation, “Financial Stress & Anxiety: Keeping Yourself & Clients Mentally Healthy.”


6.5 CE accepted by the CFP Board!

Money Quotient University’s 10-week, 5-session course, Towards Aware and Values-Centered Investing, will begin on September 10. This course is designed for financial professionals ready to engage in out-of-the-box thinking regarding options for clients who want to a) know their investments are doing no harm; and/or b) actively engage in making the world a better place via their investments.

Building upon their recent MQ Webinar, Values Based Investing, instructor Marco Vangelisti and contributing MQ Partner Johnny Roland will help financial planners understand investment options and tools available to help clients truly align their financial and life plans with their values.

This course is available to everyone, including non-MQ Partners.


2022 Ken Gillaspie Scholarship Recipients

With great enthusiasm, Money Quotient and MQ Research & Education proudly announce this year’s Ken Gillaspie Legacy Fund scholarship recipients!


Lamont Brown, MBA, CFP®, CRPC
Wealth Management Advisor at ALNA Financial Group, LLC

Danielle Harrison, MBA, CFP®, CFT-I™
Founder and President, Harrison Financial Planning

Josh St. Laurent, CFP®
Founder and Financial Life Planner at Wealth In Yourself

As part of their award, each will attend one of our MQ Fundamentals of True Wealth™ Planning training courses in September.

We look forward to learning more about and meeting Lamont, Danielle, and Josh in the coming weeks. Congratulations!


Deanna Sharpe, PhD, CFP®, CRPC®, CRPS®

Deanna is an Associate Professor of Personal Financial Planning and Director of a CFP Board-Registered Program at the University of Missouri. At this year’s MQ Retreat, she will share her presentation, “Financial Planning Conversations in Challenging and Changing Times.”

Helping clients navigate change is an important objective of financial planning. But what if change has a profound effect on the profession itself? The recent Covid crisis and growing demand for cultural competence calls for review of evidence-based best practices in light of these challenges. Specifically, in what ways and to what extent do client financial anxiety, virtual meeting navigation, and cultural awareness shape financial planning conversations and development of client trust and commitment?
Reserve your spot now at our Early Bird Rate for our MQ Retreat in Portland, OR on October 25-27!!

Congratulations, Graduates!

June Fundamentals of True Wealth™ Planning Virtual Training

Our second “MQ Fundamentals of True Wealth™ Planning” virtual training of 2022 concluded earlier this month, and we are extremely proud to welcome 17 new alumni to the MQ Community! This comprehensive five-day course provided an overview of Money Quotient’s unique model of life-centered financial planning. The spirited discussions, keen insight, and enthusiastic participation elevated the experience.

We would also like to thank MQ Facilitators Johnny Roland, CFP®, and James Hindes, who went above and beyond to ensure a successful training experience.

Sound like fun? Want to join us? Early-bird pricing for both September trainings (one in-person and one virtual) ends soon. Secure your spot today!

Jumpstart Conversations with MQ’s Life Transitions Workbook Generator

Money Quotient’s Life Transitions Workbook Generator is a powerful tool that allows MQ Partners to create custom materials to suit individual clients’ needs.

These workbooks provide a list of questions that you will find helpful when beginning a conversation with your clients regarding transitions in their work, family, legacy, and financial lives.

Additionally, each workbook contains a list of potential financial implications and client-facing resources pertaining to each specific transition.

Gold and Platinum MQ Partners can access these tools by clicking on “Materials by Category” after logging into the MQ website, then selecting “Life Transitions Workbook Generator.” For a demonstration, watch our 90-second walkthrough on how to use the tool.

Each of the 50+ available worksheets is also available individually in the “Materials by Category” section by selecting “Life Transition Worksheets.”


Our MQ Retreat is known for bringing in notable scholars and practitioners who share valuable insights for meeting current challenges and for serving as beacons in the lives of financial planning clients for many years to come.

Featured speakers this year include:

Meghaan Lurtz, Ph.D., FBS™
Meghaan is a Professor of Financial Psychology at Kansas State University, an on-staff writer and researcher for, and a past President and current board member for the Financial Therapy Association and Financial Psychology Institute Europe.
Timi Joy Jorgensen, Ph.D.
Timi is an Assistant Professor and Director
of Financial Education & Well-Being at The American College of Financial Services. Her research focuses on diversity, equity, and inclusion in financial services, financial well-being, and empowerment.
Deanna Sharpe, Ph.D., CFP®, CRPC®, CRPS 
Deanna is an associate professor in the Personal Financial Planning Department at the University of Missouri – Columbia. Her research examines factors affecting later life financial and economic well-being.



Ken Gillaspie Legacy Fund Scholarship Application Deadline: May 27

The 2022 Ken Gillaspie Legacy Fund Scholarship recipient will receive paid tuition and up to $1,000 in travel expenses to one of two MQ “Fundamentals of True Wealth™ Planning” training sessions conducted this September.
Additional information regarding eligibility, the selection process, and application instructions are available via the MQRE website and on the KGLF scholarship application. Applications must be received no later than May 27, 2022.

New Tools for Your Retired Clients

We have created two new tools that will help you guide your retired clients in assessing their levels of satisfaction and identifying transitions they are experiencing. Through conversation, you have the opportunity to highlight the financial implications that require proactive planning.

When you pair these with our other Retirement Planning Tools, you have a process to help your retired clients ensure they’re enjoying a life of contentment, not complacency. If you’d like to brush up on our suite of retirement tools, check out our spring webinar, Creating Satisfaction and Living Into Values in Retirement.


Nurturing Resilient & Rewarding Client Relationships in a Rapidly Changing Environment

The MQ Research Consortium recently updated a 15-year-old study to explore how demographic shifts, economic uncertainties, environmental threats, political transitions, global unrest, and a worldwide pandemic have forever altered the needs and expectations of financial planning clients. The key question explored was, “Have the factors that foster higher levels of client trust and commitment changed over time?” At the 2022 MQ Retreat, lead researchers Carol Anderson, M.S., and Deanna Sharpe, Ph.D., will present the results and discuss the implications of this groundbreaking study.
In addition, notable scholars and practitioners will use this information as a springboard for sharing insights and knowledge that will equip you to meet current challenges and to serve as beacons in the lives of your clients for many years to come:
  • Amy Mullen, CFP®, President – Money Quotient, Inc.
  • Timi Joy Jorgenson, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor and Director of Financial Education & Well-Being at American College
  • Meghaan Lurtz, Ph.D. – Lecturer; Writer and Senior Research Associate,
  • MQ Implementation Program Consultants
  • MQ Advisory Board Members