MQ Partnership Options

Money Quotient offers four different options to access our True Wealth™ Planning materials. Each MQ Partnership Level represents a package of tools and benefits, and each successive Level offers an increasing number of tools and benefits:

Sampler Level:  Sampler

Silver Level:  In-Depth Data Gathering

Gold Level:  In-Depth Data Gathering & Goal Setting

Platinum Level:  Complete True Wealth Planning Toolkit


The Sampler Level is the only available partnership package before attending Money Quotient’s “Fundamentals of True Wealth Planning” (FTWP) training course. This package is available for 3-months only, and is meant to provide you the opportunity to “test drive” MQ materials and processes before investing in our more in-depth programs. Attendance to our training is a prerequisite to licensing the Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Levels. (For firms with over 10 advisors, special pricing options are available.)

Firm discounts apply to monthly licensing fees when 2 or more advisors from the same firm license Levels 2, 3 or 4. The minimum number of Licensees required to receive a firm discount are as follows: 2-3 advisors – 25% discount; 4 or more advisors – 35% discount.

For a complete list of tools, resources, and benefits included in each MQ Partnership Level, please click here.

First Step Partner Agreement Information


  • One-time set-up fee: $400.00
  • Monthly subscription fee: $50.00


  • Administrator Account
  • 100 Client Sub-Accounts

      Additional sub-accounts can be acquired in sets of 25 at $10 per month

  • Electronic User’s Manual
  • 30-minute Orientation Phone Meeting
  • Two 60-minute One-On-One Training Sessions

      Open to all advisors and team members in First Step Partner's firm, and can be repeated as needed


First Step Administrative Accounts can be assigned a unique URL and customized with Partner’s company logo and colors.

Additional information available upon request.