Money Quotient University

Money Quotient offers a robust calendar of Learning Opportunities throughout the year.  Each program is designed to provide important information and valuable insights regarding Money Quotient’s 5-E Financial Life Planning Process and related topics of interest.  Presenters include researchers, educators, authors, MQ Team Members, and MQ Partners.

MQU Courses

Course #1

“Fundamentals of Financial Life Planning” (FFLP) is our foundational training course, and serves as a prerequisite for acquiring Money Quotient tools and resources.  The purpose of FFLP is to provide participants with a thorough overview of Money Quotient’s unique process for delivering life-centered financial planning services.

Included in this 3-day seminar is an introduction to our philosophical foundation and the academic theories that have shaped the development of our tools and training.  In addition, we provide invaluable hands-on experience with the full suite of MQ materials, and facilitate important discussions regarding implementation and related practice management issues.

This intensive 3-day course covers both the philosophical foundation and practical application of the MQ 5-E Model of Financial Life Planning.  We typically host three to four FFLP sessions per year in Portland, OR; and also conduct private sessions at the invitation of firms, study groups, and  organizations.