MQ Partner Open Forum: Values-Based Financial Planning Policies

About the Webinar

Knowing what to do when the unexpected occurs eases stress, decreases emotional burdens, and provides a feeling of empowerment.

Elissa Buie, CFP® and David Yeske, CFP® join us for this timely webinar to discuss their strategies for implementing values-based “policies” with their clients in advance of potential difficulties. They will explain how proactively creating contingency plans can clarify next-steps and help avoid the question, “What now?”

Elissa and David were members of the dynamic team of academics and experienced practitioners who contributed to the body of knowledge in “Investor Behavior.” Their contribution, “Policy-Based Financial Planning: Decision Rules for a Changing World,” places Policy-Based Financial Planning squarely within the context of behavioral finance and “choice architecture.”

They explain that these comprehensive yet compact decision rules serve as a touchstone for both client and advisor, providing clear guidance in the face of rapidy changing external circumstances.

In their ideal form, financial planning policies are both broad enough to encompass virtually any external change and specific enough to return clear answers as to appropriate action.

About our Presenters

Elissa Buie, CFP® and David Yeske, CFP® are MQ Partners and the co-founders of Yeske Buie (, a wealth management firm located in San Francisco, CA.

Among her many accomplishments, Elissa Buie, CFP® is the CEO and a co-founder of Yeske Buie. She is a past chair of the Foundation for Financial Planning and the Financial Planning Association (FPA). She is also a Dean for the FPA’s Residency Program.

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Dr. David Yeske, CFP® is the Managing Director and a co-founder of Yeske Buie. He is a past chair of the Financial Planning Association (FPA) and has written numerous feature articles for many publications. He has been in the financial planning industry since 1990.

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About the “MQ Partner Open Forum” Webinar Series

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